The Consumer



Take Inventory

The first step in making change in the world starts with taking stock of your own life. As a consumer, the dollars you spend every day have a huge impact on restaurants, retailers, brands, and small businesses. Taking inventory of your current spending, in all aspects of your life, is your starting point. How many Black owned companies are currently represented in your monthly spending? Own the findings and commit to a plan that holds you accountable to doing better.


Buy Black

When committing to increasing representation and diversifying your own spending power, we believe that applying a measurable metric is critical to accountability. Make a commitment (and a plan!) to redirect at least 15% of your monthly budget across categories to Black-owned businesses.


Donate if you can

A monthly donation commitment of $15 helps us continue our important advocacy work for Black-owned businesses, as well as holding large retailers accountable to their commitment. Not everyone will be able to donate but, if you can, your support will help power the work we do every single day to dramatically change the trajectories for Black businesses across the country and to funnel billions back into the Black community.